The Rapturous Moon

This coming Saturday 27th October at 6.30 pm  we’re delighted to host the launch of The Rapturous Moon by Tara Tine. A follow up to last years Flight of Fire, the second installment sees us return to the enchanted village of Carlin for…. well, why don’t I let Tara tell you herself ….

‘Flight of Fire’ was the first instalment of the Minorie Raine: Trials & Tribulations Series, Ireland’s most recent and most concentrated offering to the Magic Realist genre. It explores themes of nature, belonging, resistance and feminine power. Set in the autumn-clad village of Carlinn, ‘Flight of Fire’ explores both our heroine’s adolescent needs for romance and devilment, and her more mature longings for roots and security as she searches for a place to settle and find friendship.

In the Rapturous Moon, Minorie Raine returns for the second instalment of the Trials Tribulations Series. After spending the winter living with her friend, Blaise, and Na-nan, the swamp witch, an invitation to live and work at the decadent Darby House draws Minorie once again into the unknown.

She finds out that living with Lady Anna Marmaduke and her housemates does indeed bring pleasure; but as it nurtures and feeds her soul, so too does it attract even darker and more powerful shadows to her, like moths to her flame. Her crush on the swarthy but married Pierre opens up unwelcome channels to her energies, channels which are being used and abused by Carlinn’s darkest wizard, Nicholas Crowther, and his arsenal of servile demons.

To add insult to injury, Minorie finds out that her estranged friend Omelia has been complicit in assisting Crowther’s bidding in return for garnering dark knowledge of her own, and worse, she has been responsible for the deaths of two of Carlinn’s residents.

Will the wedge between Minorie and her friends grow too deep to fix? Can Omelia be able to redeem herself and reshape her own destiny? Can Minorie overcome her growing isolation to defeat Crowther, and the demons which threaten her sanity….?”

Only one way to find out folks. Make your way down to Roe River Books this Bank Holiday Weekend and meet Tara herself. As well as a chance to meet Tara you’ll be entertained by the fabulous Ines Khai, who be providing us with some soulful creole sounds.