The Corridor no. 5: Publication Launch with Paul Scraton

Roe River Books are delighted to host The Corridor on Friday, October 19th.

The Corridor is an interdisciplinary, discursive project that explores the topic of borders and their political, social and cultural consequences through public talks, screenings and artistic presentations. With artists from all fields, historians, sociologists, contemporary witnesses and other experts we as outsiders want to discuss the history of the Irish border and the future challenges of the upcoming EU border for this area

They will be officially launching their first publication, a small magazine (on sale at a very competitively priced at €5) that contains a look back on last year’s events with exclusive images, an outlook to the future of the Corridor and new essays and stories by Garett Carr, Evelyn Conlon, Marcel Krueger and Paul Scraton.

We are delighted to welcome Berlin-based writer Paul Scraton to Dundalk to launch the publication. Paul is a British-born writer and editor who has lived in the German capital for over a decade, and has written extensively about places, borders and European identities. His latest book ‘Ghosts on the Shore: Journeys along Germany’s Baltic Coast’ (Influx Press, 2017) explores the German coast and the GDR history of his wife’s family through a partially fictionalized travelogue.

On the launch night, Paul and Marcel Krueger will read from the the new Corridor publication, Paul with introduce ‘Ghosts on the Shore’ and discuss the old borders of Louth and Berlin (discussing Brexit from the perspective of a British citizen living in Germany) with Roe River Book’s Tom Muckian and Anne Mager, independent curator and co-initiator of the Corridor.

19th October, 2018 at Roe River Books Dundalk, 66/67 Park Street, Dundalk. from 7 pm, free admission.