Covid Restrictions

It’s been a really strange Summer for everyone, not least the crew here at Roe River Books. The back to school season usually means that August is our busiest month, but with Covid restrictions in place since we re-opened after the lock down, we have been operating at a much reduced capacity in the shop. For the safety of all concerned we’ve been encouraging customers to e-mail and drop in their school lists. While customers have been really good about this and the system has been working reasonably well, we are unfortunately reaching the point where the reduced capacity is starting to impact on our ability to deal with customer demand. As a fully paid up member of the last minute dot com brigade myself I understand that many people leave getting schools books till late in the summer. This year in particular with so much uncertainty and a lack of clear messaging on schools re-opening it is entirely understandable that many people have not purchased their school books or submitted a list to us. Unfortunately we have reached a stage where if we haven’t received your list already we can not guarantee that the order will be completed before schools re-open.

From next Monday  24th August, we will be OPEN FOR COLLECTIONS ONLY. We will be operating a collection station from the side entrance to the shop. Thanks to everyone who has submitted lists to us already. Sincerest apologies for any inconvenience caused to anyone who hasn’t be in touch with us yet, but it is simply not possible to safely deal with the numbers of people we normally deal with in the last weeks before schools re-open. Please note that we will NOT BE TAKING ORDERS OVER THE PHONE. If you still wish to submit a list to us please do so ONLY by e-mail (to info@roeriverbooks,ie)  and we will do our best to complete the order for you as quickly as possible, but with no guarantee that it will be ready in time for you child’s return to school.